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Kevin Mitchell

Associate Partner

Kevin Mitchell is an Associate Partner with LHspaces | Compass. Hailing from a family involved in real estate – both Kevin’s mother and step-mother practice real estate and property management – Kevin’s exposure to the industry led him into the path of real estate as his own career, having spent time around those whom he respects and admires. He prides himself on having a discerning analytical side which he says he gets from his Father who is a Civil Engineer and very much a humanitarian. Kevin’s family and experience in life have shaped his love of the human connection. Kevin especially loves the negotiation process, he calls it the “heart and soul of the buying and selling process”. Kevin’s service mindset is an invaluable asset that sets him apart as he negotiates his clients the best deal in regards to their needs.

Kevin is passionate about Los Angeles – a city like no other. Built between desert and water and yet filled with gorgeous mountains and green spaces, Kevin says “the city is an eclectic mix of urban culture with the allure of any and all outdoor activities to enjoy in the sunshine. Not to mention the myriad of stunning architectural styles our homes boast!” Kevin says LA is a place for culture and beauty which extends into the homes of the people.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s Kevin was also an early adopter of technology and often watched his father create primitive video games on an early Apple. From this, he became intrigued by data and technology which he is well versed in and uses to his clients advantage in today’s modern real estate market. Ultimately, Kevin’s personal philosophy is that “people will always come first” and giving people the best in service is ultimately why he joined LHspaces. There he was able to settle into an amazing team where he still feels at home, working at the highest level in Real Estate with a renowned team at a world-class brokerage with Compass. Kevin and his team at LHspaces are dedicated to helping clients of all types reach their goals while maintaining complete integrity at all times.

Kevin volunteers throughout the year at such places like Gobble Gobble Give and loves to help at the Readers for Leaders Program for which he gives his time each Summer, he is also a part of Food on Foot and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank where he regularly gives his time as well. He has also been active for social change for many years and works with a diverse set of clients.

He enjoys spending leisure time in NELA or Hollywood at a rock show with friends or collecting vinyl at one of the many record stores in LA county like Amoeba Records Hollywood location. Kevin calls himself “a bit of a music geek”, follows the stock market and trends in business and money closely, has a love of cooking for his friends, and regularly supports those friends in all of their various art and business endeavors, small and large. He also grew up with a love of skateboarding and began competing in contests at age 12, the same year he started his first small business.

Given that we live in Southern California, modernist architecture is well known and often celebrated. Kevin personally likes the work of Rudolph Michael Schindler whose work defined inventiveness including the use of complex three-dimensional forms, warm materials, and stark color, breaking out of the traditional mold of houses as non-aesthetically pleasing and functionality over form. Kevin particularly likes Schindler’s use of space, climate, light, and mood, finding them both visually and functionally attractive.

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